Please show some love and help if you can! ”Tis the season!!πŸ™πŸΌπŸŽ„β€οΈοΈ @Reneeresnick: As some of you know, my aunt Diane has been battling cancer (Multiple Myeloma) for the past year. She had multiple rounds of chemo, the cancer went away & she was feeling better. Now the cancer has come back stronger than before, chemo is not helping, & doctors at Sloan Kettering hospital have basically lost hope & have given up on her. They basically gave her 2 options: more chemo which can cause her organs to fail badly or hospice. Well, my family is NOT giving up! My aunt is a fighter & wants to continue living her life! My cousins & uncle are looking into other hospitals for her that focus on homeopathic treatments, but unfortunately insurance doesn’t cover the medical expenses. Please read my aunt’s story on the GoFundMe page my cousin (her daughter) set up for my aunt & donate. Any amount you can contribute will make a difference. Myself & my family greatly appreciate any contribution! We’re not letting cancer win! Please share. Thank you! ***LINK IS IN BIO! ❀️*** β„’@reneeresnick